5 Reasons why I love the Nintendo 3DS!

I got my pink 3DSXL two years ago and I’d just have to say that I love my 3DS so much more than my other handheld gaming consoles. I currently own 2 PS Vitas, a PSP Go, an old Gameboy Advance, a Gameboy Micro, Gameboy Advance SP, a DSi and DS Lite (and I’m planning to collect more!).



So here are my top 5 reasons why I love the Nintendo 3DS and reckon why you should get one too!


Play it whenever and wherever I want

I don’t usually go out (because I work from home and my social life’s non-existent) however I make sure to bring my 3DS with me during long trips or whenever I have to wait too long in public. I’m also a lazy ass couch gamer so after long hours of working, I just like to lay in bed with a blanket over my head while hunting monsters with my 3DS.




Yesss, I know that playing on a smartphone gives you the same portability. HOWEVER, I feel like the overall gaming experience isn’t as immersive and enjoyable. Using a dedicated device gives the best possible experience and when it comes to handheld gaming, the 3DS slays all competition.


Awesome Games

The 3DS has a fantastic selection of games across all genres – Platformers, Adventures, RPGs, Action games, and more. Here are some of my personal favorites:


Animal Crossing: New Leaf

i love the 3ds


In the game, you take the role of mayor in a town full of talking animals, IKR. You are tasked to develop your town through public works projects, expand your house, hoard furniture and costumes. It’s charming, slow-paced and fun to play. Fair warning though, this game is addictive.


Pokemon Series (X,Y, Omega Ruby, Alpha Sapphire, Sun, and Moon)



Of course, I have to include Pokemon in this list. I’ve played Pokemon games, from Generation 1 (Pokemon Red and Blue) to the recently launched Pokemon Sun and Moon. Capture and train Pokemons, solve puzzles and battle the elite four to become the very best.

BTW, I just have to say that whoever says that Pokemon is a kids game definitely has not played a Pokemon game.


Mario Kart 7


Not really a fan of racing games except for this one. This game didn’t disappoint and my kids love it, too!


The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask


The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask is a remake of the original game for the 3DS with several enhancements.


When Nintendo released the 3DS 5 years ago, people didn’t give a shit because it’s a bit overpriced at $250 and the launching titles were not that good. So 6 months later after it’s launch, Nintendo reduced the price to almost half and did what they do best, develop awesome games! Currently, the 3DS has 12 million units sold worldwide.


Nostalgia Overload!

I grew up playing Famicom games and Harvest Moon on my cousin’s Gameboy Colour on end so classic games will always have a special place in my heart. Another reason why I love the 3DS is that it’s backward compatible so it can play DS games as well as GameBoy, Gameboy Advance, SNES, NES and even a few Sega Game Gear games using the Virtual Console.


Play it with Friends and Family

When I got my 3DS, my kids instantly got fascinated with it. They love Nintendogs (real-time pet simulation game), Pokemon Rumble, Tomodachi and Project Mirai DX (a rhythm game created by Sega- fantastic game, I tell you!).



I bought them a 2DS so they won’t have to borrow mine, lol. I’ve also met  quite a number of people through online groups who share the same passion with handheld gaming.


Pimp it out

You can get the 3DS in different colors and replace the faceplate if you get sick of the same boring design. Just look at these cute faceplates, y’all.




You can also get cute accessories to match with the 3DS.


So that’s it folks. If you own a 3DS, please feel free to share in the comments below what you ♥  most about it.

Til Next 🙂

24 thoughts on “5 Reasons why I love the Nintendo 3DS!

  1. Ahh! My household has bee talking about this. I am not techie which is why I do not really relate. But, seeing this post, I get to understand more what is all about. I agree how these game gadgets like the famicoms are making a comeback thesedays. I agree.. nostalgia! 🙂

  2. We bought our kids this game before. But honestly, I am happy they seem to have outgrown it already. They used to spend a lot of time on it. Enough gadgets already, I think. 🙂

  3. Haha. I was gifted 1 such video game when I was little. I’ve never played anything like this before and after that. Shortly after that the mobile games came up so somehow I never got the chance!

  4. Oh, you know your Nintendo so well. I think my cousins had the old school gameboy when we were younger and that was it. None of us got hooked on games. .

  5. Legend of Zelda was one of my favourite games when I had my ex’s nintendo NDS. It’s pretty addictive and the story play is fun~ Also, I like Brain Age and Professor Layton~

  6. I truly truly wish to get myself a 3DS as well! All the games are just so awesome but can be pricey here in Manila 🙁

  7. They’ve installed similar games in our iPad and phones and so I think they’d love this. As a mom, however, I think I won’t encourage them. My kids are young and too much screen time is not good.

  8. Nintendo is very popular and some of my relatives’ kids are crazy behind it. Somehow my kids have shown no interest in it yet.

  9. Surely my boys would love to read this post. They love to play a lot especially during school breaks and weekends. I let them as they dont have playmates outside so they could play street games I used to enjoy when I was a kid. I am even contemplating on buying my own family computer unit as I stay at home and I feel I need it to somehow keep me sane.

  10. I have never handled a nintendo before. But from what you describe seems to be a fun gadget.
    Looks like I am missing out on fun with these, need to learn more about them.

  11. Oh same! I work from home to haha, and yeah I don’t know where my social life is. 3DS is definitely one thing to love, I’ve always wanted one. Also, one thing to compare between portable consoles and a smartphone is battery but I’ll have to stick with my mobile & pc for playing games Sad, I won’t be able to try Pokemon Sun and Moon.. oh well.

  12. I never had any Nintendo. But I got to try Nintendo DS for quite a long time and I really love it! I wished it was mine but it wasn’t. lol! It’s such an awesome gadget for me.

  13. Good thing I don’t have Nintendo because I am very very sure that it will ruin my life. I remember getting addicted to mobile games, oh my god it gave me more reason to procrastinate. I am not a good person to distract you see.

  14. Wow, my friend would be very happy about this one, since she is a huge fan of an online games. I can’t truly relate with this though, but I enjoy what you have shared on this blog post of yours. I actually have thought if only I’m a fan of an online games, this will surely make me jump. Anyway, I like how you write your thoughts about this, very informative as it make me curious as well.

  15. Pokemon has always been one of my all-time favorites games especially in the GameBoy! I’m very much tempted to get myself a Nintendo 3DS after readying your informative blog post!

  16. Omgee, I don’t know those games. Not really a gameboy kid but I download game apps on my phone to entertain me, too, on long trips and queing on lines. I get you there. Haha! My son is the one resource person I employ to when I need to sound smart on games and gadgets. Which made me realize I’m becoming certified #TitaofManila. Lol!

  17. I’ve owned a 3ds since the beginning( I bought the very first model) and now I have a red 3ds xl with a squirtle decal on it. At the very beginning, I honestly felt that 3ds will be a flop. Lack of compelling games and increasing pressure from mobile phones are my major suspects. However, I’m happy to say that owning a 3ds now is as every bit worth it with all of the games that are on the system that are really really good. Some of my favorites on the system are RE:Mercenaries, RE:Revelations(spent 100 hours each), all 4 Fire Emblem games, and now I’m drowning myself in Super Smash Bros. 3ds. Still not the perfect handheld in my opinion, but it’s damn close.

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