April Skin Magic Snow Cushion – is it worth the hype?

Heyyy, so I’ll be sharing my thoughts about the AprilSkin Magic Snow Cushion. There’s just too much hype on this product so I decided to give it a whirl.

If you’re new to Cushion compacts, it’s basically just a foundation/BB/CC in compact form and the sponge is soaked in the product. Just tap all around your face, blend a bit and you’re done! Perfect for quick touch ups.

You can get this cushion in White and Black. The white variant is for people with dry skin and black is for people with oily skin and it’s supposed to give you higher coverage. I got mine in black because my face oils up like a muthereffer.


AprilSkin Magic Snow Cushion


It comes in 3 shades: #21 light beige #22 Pink Beige #23 Natural Beige. I got mine in Natural Beige.

AprilSkin Magic Snow Cushion


Even though I already have the “darkest shade” I can tell right off the bat that it’s still a tad lighter compared to my natural skin tone. However, I noticed it instantly gave me the Korean glow and it effectively concealed dark spots.


What I like about this cushion


Image result for pink thumbs up emoji Excellent coverage I only needed two layers slabbed on my face to cover up everything.

Image result for pink thumbs up emoji High SPF50+

Image result for pink thumbs up emoji Brightens face instantly


What I don’t like


Image result for pink thumbs up emoji Though it gives excellent coverage, it did feel heavy on my face and I thought I looked a little too pale and that I looked too made up. Mas bet if natural lang.

Image result for pink thumbs up emoji I also think it’s too pricey. It can only be purchased online and cost ranges from P700 – P1000. I bought mine through Shoppee for P750 ($16 USD) with free shipping and paid cash upon delivery. If you’re living overseas, you can order this at Amazon.


So will I buy this again? Meh, I’d probably not because there are tons of other cushion products out there that I’d still like to try out.


Til next 🙂

23 thoughts on “April Skin Magic Snow Cushion – is it worth the hype?

  1. You should definitely try Maybelline’s BB Cushion. There’s tons of shades suitable for us Filipinas! My favorite BB cushion so far.

  2. First time to hear about cushion compacts and I think it’s very convenient for someone who doesn’t use skin care products much. Hope you find one with a lighter feel and on a cheaper price point. 🙂

    1. Yes Sam, maganda ung finish nya pero not good for the weather here in the Phils unfortunately.

  3. This post is so honest and real. I like how you really pointed out what you didn’t like about the product. Maybe I’ll check this one out. Thank you so much for sharing! ❤️

  4. I love BB/CC Creams, they’re the most convenient thing to apply on, it lessens my “me” time preps when going out. I can fix myself in less than 5 minutes with it, no frills, just add lipstick. I would love try this out. Looks like it gives perfect and toned up finish on your face..

  5. I thought it did wonders! The result in your photo really looks good, hihi. But anyway, I agree with you that a more natural look is better. Of course, we do not want to look overdone 🙂

  6. I thought it was ok already because looking at the picture I must say it does it wonders but I hate heavy feeling on my face as well. Glad you are honest with your reviews

  7. Cushion foundation is making quite a buzz. I also heard of this product tons of times, but for me, nothing beats CC Cushion from Nlighten. It does great coverage on me, and it doesn’t feel heavy. Although, I’m not sure how it will work on oily skin. My skin is combined dry and oily, but Nlighten’s CC Cushion works perfectly fine. You may want to try that one! 🙂

  8. It has definitely made your skin look flawless. Thumbs up for that. The biggest minus for me is definitely the shades. It the darkest shade is light for you, I can’t even think of it!!!

    1. It’s a main disadvantage of Asian beauty products, unfortunately. Thanks for your time 🙂

  9. Been hearing great reviews on cushion foundations lately because of the Korean hype. I honestly think it looks good on you 🙂 Though I wouldn’t feel comfy using it myself daily as well if it feels heavy.

  10. They should have more options for people with a darker skin color but it sounds like an awesome and effective product. No wonder a lot of women are loving it!

  11. Good that you were honest in your opinion. I am sure a heavy feeling on your face after applying this feels terrible especially if you are wearing this the whole day.

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