What you really need to know about the Deep Web

Deep Web. The dark, mysterious and nefarious part of the internet.. or is it really?


So, WTF is the Deep Web?


Also known as the hidden web, invisible net or Deep Net.


To put it simply, the Deep Web cannot be searched and it’s  not indexed by any traditional search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc.

The Deep Web isn’t exactly a mysterious place like most people depict. Any site that a search engine can’t find and not available for the general public to access is the deep web. It’s in front of you, but you just don’t realize it.  Your company login, your online banking service or even a closed group on Facebook, that’s all part of the deep web.


But the Deep Web is not the dark web. Eh ano naman yang Dark Web na yan?


Deep Web


Deep Web




The Dark Web or Dark Net is intentionally hidden and accessible only through a specialized routing protocol called TOR.





Some people synonymously describe the Deep Web as the Dark web but the Dark web is just part of the Deep Web.

To download Tor, go to Tor Project: Anonymity Online and click Download. Run the file and that’s it! Pretty easy huh? This is how it looks like when it’s launched:


Deep Web

Once you’re inside, bookmark this page.


The Hidden Wiki is basically your starting point and it links to marketplaces, discussion boards, search engines, financial services, and many other websites in the dark web.

If you want to stay hidden and virtually interact without fear of the law or other punishment, this is your haven. Journalists, activists, people oppressed by their religion or government and whistleblowers like Ed Snowden use Tor.


Here are some interesting sites found in the Tor Network


Hackers For Hire
Deep Web
Hitman Network

Deep Web


Deep Web


How do people transact?

Deep Web

People use Bitcoin to purchase stuff in the Dark Web. It’s an encrypted digital currency and no one can trace a purchase, illegal or otherwise.


If illegal things are happening in the Dark Web, why can’t the  government just close it?


Ironically, Tor was developed and financed by the US Government. Their purpose was to create a security technology where intelligence operatives can exchange information anonymously, tip off people, buy things – you know, usual government stuff.

It took a long time for them to develop this system and it was supposed to be confidential and clandestine. As part of their strategy for secrecy, guess what they did? They launched it to the public! It makes sense cause it’s easier to hide in plain crowd, right?


Final thoughts


Awful stuff exists in the Dark Web just like anywhere else. It is the black market of the Internet where people can anonymously transact and buy illegal things. You’ll encounter links to CP (child porn), arms and drug trading, counterfeiting, etc.

No worries though because it’s completely legal to access it.

Here are just some tips I have before you begin your journey.

  • Don’t click mindlessly on links, use common sense
  • Don’t use your personal email and DO NOT give your personal info to anyone
  • Disable JavaScript, flash and plugins to better protect against browser vulnerabilities
  • Avoid Torrenting, don’t download stuff
  • Don’t use Google in the Dark Web. There’s Startpage and DuckDuckGo for your searching needs


Reference used: https://www.torproject.org/docs/faq.html.en#TBBJavaScriptEnabled

51 thoughts on “What you really need to know about the Deep Web

  1. I never thought I’d get to read things like these. This is scary at the same time informative. I’ll make sure not to mindlessly click on sites and links. Thank u so much!

  2. I only just heard about this a couple of days ago when my work mate mentioned it. Sounds interesting, and a tad scary. Haha!

  3. I took up an IT-related course but never have I heard about this Deep Web and Dark Web! Lol. This post is interesting but the hitman network sounds scary!!!

  4. Whoa, a black market for the web = deep-web. I know it exists, but I didn’t really take an initiative to find out how it works or how to see those hidden sites. The hackers for hire are scary for us bloggers. I hope no one hires hackers to hack our websites.

  5. wow! This sounds really intriguing, interesting and scary at the same time! I don’t know if I’ll even want to try to access the deep web. Sounds like digging myself in the hole. At wow at the hired killers there. Really scary!

  6. My gosh, it really is deep! Hahaha. I don’t even know what a Tor means. huhu! But this is a great info. I want to explore this sometime soon!

  7. Interesting and information but at the same time scary. I knew it exists, my IT prof was mentioned that but never really taught it was all about.

  8. That hitman service is way too scary. How messed up to just be able to click and purchase a kill of another human being! Who am I kidding, it’s old news. Just that seeing it like that gives me the creepers. I never delve into dark or deep web but I do love watching Mr. Robot and other hacking movies and shows. I rather watch fictionalized versions of the real thing. I doubt I will ever delve further than google. I rather stay oblivious.

  9. I am a computer science graduate but strangely did not know anything about it till I read the post. It is interesting but scary at the same time.

  10. The dark web is also where drugs and many other contrabands are bought, and precisely the reason I do not support bitcoin. Even if bitcoin has its own merits, it is also used for laundering and payments for illegal transactions. It’s fun while it last, exploring what is “hidden” though. You’re right, one has to be careful too.

    1. I agree, people can easily buy off drugs and stuff in the dark web and shipped to them.

  11. Wow, what did I just read?! Never given much thought about the Deep Web, to be honest. I’m not very technical, and I’m just a basic blogger, a regular internet user. This is a good read, I felt like I just watched something on discovery channel. I wonder what the secret Wiki contains…

  12. I am so scared after reading this! haha! I will not be checking out the deep dark web anytime soon. I am perfectly fine with google and fashion websites – haha! Thanks for at least educating me on this subject!

    xoxo, Candice

  13. Oh my! This sounds scary. Never heard of deep web- dark web.. This information is very educational.. Interesting how illegal business works on the web, i only heard about them on movies, didn’t realize they do really exist! Thanks for the heads-up and spreading awareness…

  14. Yikes! This is one scary stuff and even just reading this, I thought I’m already doing something illegal. But I must say, this got me really curious on clicking some links you have here. I want to check every one of them and try it out. My only fear is, this might harm my computer or get me into big trouble.


  15. Interesting, I’ve heard about this before, I’d say let the criminals get on with it, gives the police a job to do. There are quite a few good insightful documentaries around too.

  16. Interesting post. I’ve always known that such thing exist but never got the chance to it. While reading your post, first thing that came to my mind was “so what was in there, the deep wed?”… and then, I read the last part. Yikes! So availing the services of hitman is one. :O… Oh well, I should have expected that. haha! Thank you for this post. It’s informative. 🙂

  17. Unfortunately, common sense seems not common nowadays. That is why being a victim can be easy as clicking link irresponsibly. But thank you for elaborating what’s in the Deep Web. I was a big user of torrent before but I did manage to stop as it really affects my computer’s performance.

  18. I’ve only read a little about it, and this is so far the most informative I’ve encountered! I’m so curious and scared at the same time. Won’t incognito browsing work? Or is TOR more incognito than Chrome’s incognito browser? XD
    Is it ok that you’re sharing this info haha Man, I’ll never get the courage to dive into that part of the web. XS

  19. I never knew about it and never though about it. But now I started to be a bit scared 😀 Maybe sometimes to know less it’s even better? 🙂

  20. Woah! All this reminds me of George Orwell’s 1984. There is so much more to what we see that it is beyond scary really! I had never heard of this term. Good for my knowledge.

  21. This post scared the s*%t out of me hahaha! My, my… if terrorists see this… boom! Or they’re probably using this already. At least now we know there’s such a thing as the dark web.

  22. I have never heard of Tor before. I am sure many younger people who read this will probably be very curious about it. The way you discussed it here, even with all the precautions, this part of the internet should probably stay underground.

  23. It’s good to know about this although I don’t find myself treading on such unknown territories. The only time I used a routing protocol was when I was in China and I couldn’t open my emails. I guess, the only way is to be safe in whatever we post online. But then again, there are eyes everywhere…yeah, scary. -Claire Algarme

  24. Informative! Deep web indeed sounds mysterious. Am just wondering whether some part of deep web will be dark web also?

  25. Whoa!!! I’ve heard of Deep Web but didn’t quite understand it. Thanks for explaining it all in layman terms… But yeah, this is plain scary & astonishing… Hitmen to hire????!!!!! ??????

  26. This is truly disturbing. I learned a lot about the dark side of the internet 🙁

  27. Yeah I’ve read some stuff about this dark web. It’s indeed a virtual marketplace for all your illegal, criminal needs. And just as with anything clandestine and mysterious, most people are bound to at least take a look at what’s going on in there.

    This things kinda reminds me of that TV show, Mr. Robot.

  28. didnt know such thing existed. it’s best if it didnt too as who knows what else is in there

  29. When I wrote about Horrific Crimes that Call for the Return of the Death Penalty in the Philippines, I was referring to an Australian fugitive who escaped and found his way here. After living here for years, the extent of his crime were finally discovered. He kidnapped little girls, and tortured them, physically and mentally. All to create videos he sells on the dark web. For that reason, I am never supporting bitcoin. No matter how they spin it, the fact remains that the illegal stuff on the dark web is made possible by bitcoin.

    1. Yes, I think you’re referring to that guy who created Daisy’s destruction. Poor kid, but she’s still alive.

  30. Woooooooooooow. This is some interesting stuff! I’m so torn though! The prissy part of me would rather not explore this shit because i’m afraid i’m going to get pinned down for some cybercrime i did not commit, but at the same time, i’m ridiculously excited to try it out. Thanks for explaining it in words that a tech dud like me can understand. Rabbit hole has officially been opened, you have my eternal gratitude. :p

  31. Uhm do you think it’s wise to share that info about the hired killers to people and how to access them? I don’t know. I find it iffy. Like what if someone actually contacted and did the unthinkable but they couldn’t before coz they had no access and now they do? Just a thought. I’ve heard of this before but never indulged coz it’s too messed up.

  32. Oh wow, that’s some deep stuff. I think awareness is a good thing, but I’m not sure if I want to know about it too much as it’s so dark!

  33. I’ve gone to the deep web multiple times, and yes, I agree there are a LOT of illegal, really twisted things down there. The first time I went was just out of curiosity. After that, it was an exploration. I didn’t go to the truly illegal stuff but it’s hard to explain just how DARK these portions of the net are. I heard about child pornography being a very popular topic in the DW. That being said, not everything there is terrifying. Lots of secrets though. Haha.

  34. This just scares me. I’ve read about deep web before but I’m to scare to dive in. Even with these helpful tips that you wrote. I still don’t have the guts. I don’t want to have the FBI knocking on my door. Don’t want to take risks at this one.

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