DIY Hair bleaching, Bleach Bath, Toning and Hair Care

I’ve been sporting the platinum blonde look for a year now and I have people come up to me asking where I had my hair done. They’d usually get surprised whenever I tell them that I do my own hair at home.


Hair bleaching


My Hair Journey


I have naturally dark brown hair. I got sick of it so I decided to  take the plunge and go full on blonde because of 1.) Targaryen hair and 2.) why the fuck not?

I first had my hair done in a hair salon. I showed them a photo of an Asian girl with white blonde locks and I told them that’s how I want mine to look. The hair stylist looked me straight in the eye and warned me that for my hair to go super light, it requires many sessions of bleaching which can be super damaging to the hair plus it will cost me a lot of money. I said fuck it, let’s do it.

After the first bleaching session, which almost took 3 hours, I came out with a very brassy orange hair.  I wasn’t satisfied with the result because I really want white blonde hair so the hair stylist asked me to come back in 2 weeks for another bleaching session.

Well, I didn’t. I decided that I’d do my own hair because it’s cheaper that way and if I mess up, I’ll only have myself to blame.


DIY Hair bleaching and Bleach Bath


Bleaching can be very damaging to the hair and  fortunately, even after countless times I’ve bleached it, it hasn’t fallen out yet. My hair still looks pretty healthy and I think it’s because I bleach bath instead of doing a full bleach.

Bleach bath or Shampoo bleaching is a GREAT option to lighten the hair slowly and gently.  Generally, a bleach bath is considered to be less harmful as it’s diluted bleach though you still have to be careful because bleach can give your scalp a rash or chemical burn so do a patch test first.

What you’ll need:

  •  Hair Bleaching Powder
  •  Oxidizing Lotion aka Developer
  •  Plastic mixing bowl, tinting brush, disposable shower cap, wide toothed comb and gloves
  •  Any brand of Shampoo
  •  Hair Toner/Purple Shampoo
  •  Keratin Conditioner or any intense hair condition cream you can use


Hair bleaching


I used to get my supplies at HBC, yung beauty store na ang model is si Sarah G. However, they don’t sell blonde toners and purple shampoos so I am now getting my supplies from online stores like RainbowHead and Gwyshop.

What you need to do first is mix the bleaching powder, developer, and shampoo in a plastic mixing bowl until you get a creamy consistency. Use one part of the bleaching powder to two parts of the developer.

Dampen your hair and apply the mixture using the tinting brush. I’d advise getting someone to help you out with the bleaching process to even out the application.

Cover your hair with the shower cap and leave it on for 30-40 minutes, rinse and dry the hair out.

Hair Toning


After bleaching the hair, a toner is used to remove the brassiness. It neutralizes brassy yellow and orange tones on bleached hair.

There are different brands of hair toners but what I’ve been using since is Wella T18 (white lady). Your hair needs to be on level 10 or pale yellow for the toner to work so you may need to do one more round of hair bleaching if the hair isn’t light enough.



Every week or 2, I’d use Purple Shampoo to give my blonde locks a boost or whenever my hair is looking a little brassy.

Hair Care


After everything that my hair’s been through, it needs intense TLC. What I do is pretty simple, I don’t wash my hair with regular shampoo and I use Keratin every day and leave it on for 10-15 minutes.


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Til next! 🙂

19 thoughts on “DIY Hair bleaching, Bleach Bath, Toning and Hair Care

  1. I really admire people who can color their hair like this on their own. It takes so much patience! 😀

  2. Targaryen hair! The Game of Thrones show has really taken the whole world by storm, even affecting the choice of hair color. I would never try to make my hair platinum blonde. If ever, I would dare do it myself.

  3. Gosh!!! That’s pretty cool… Its indeed daring to be able to bleach ur own hair. I’ll never change my hair color. I’ve got a couple of blonde wigs to wear when I feel like it!

  4. Ash suits you well and it’s nice that you decided to just do it at home. A lot of people think it would be better if professionals did the coloring, but really, the results are pretty much the same. I love how this one turned out! Thanks for the tutorial.

  5. Wow… This is so cool. I won’t dare to do my own bleaching. What’s more, I have a hair sponsor (luckily) who take cares of my hair and I won’t have to do that!

  6. My mom used to do hair color at home. I am a bit skeptical to try this at home. Prefer salons.

  7. Oh well it takes practice to color your own hair at home! A big mirror is a must for this. Great one for DIY hair color experiment during free time.

  8. WAAAAAHHHHH! I’ve been thinking of getting my hair bleached in the salon or doing it by myself, but I’m scared shit of burning my hair or scalp… Also, what if there’s no T18 toner, will purple shampoos work as well in taking out the brassiness? 😀 thanks for the reply!

    1. Yes Purple Shampoo works okay naman. In Instagram I would usually see hair professionals use purple shampoo after bleaching.

  9. As a blondie myself, I can testify to how simple it can be to go blonde. I don’t know why I didn’t do this sooner! People are always warning me of light hair shedding and drying of tips. But to me, it’s totally worth it. More people should do it in fact!

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