Nintendo Switch: Reasons why I’m not getting one

It’s finally here! Nintendo’s newest console, the Nintendo Switch has been unveiled to the world and the gaming community is buzzing with different reactions, mostly positive.

Finally, a gaming console that has the ability to seamlessly switch between TV to console mode, isn’t that awesome?!



I’m a Nintendo fan girl and I own several of their gaming consoles. I’m in love with the 3DS so it just makes perfect sense that I add the Nintendo Switch to my growing Nintendo handheld collection. However, I decided to hold off and wait before I actually get one.

So what made me change my mind after all the hype and the great things the Nintendo Switch has to offer?


Too Expensive


When it was announced last year, I thought that it’ll cost around $250 – $300. I know, who am I kidding right? So launch day came and all major gaming stores here in the Philippines are selling it at P26,000 ($530).  For some people, The Legend of Zelda is enough reason to get the Switch, and hands down Zelda is a great game. However, a single game doesn’t justify the cost even if it’s one of the greatest.


Nintendo Switch
New Legend of Zelda game?! Someone hold me!


So I decided that waiting is the best option for now. Wait until the prices drop and more games are added to its library.

And speaking of the games.


Library of games + Backward compatibility


Unfortunately, the Nintendo Switch is not going to be backward compatible as confirmed by Nintendo’s President, Tatsumi Kimishima.  However, there’s a possibility of Wii U games being remade for the Switch.

It would be really nice if it could play Wii, 3DS, DS, SNES or even Gameboy games via Virtual Console. We’re not sure yet but hopefully in the future.

I’m also looking forward to more survival horror games, RPG games like Fire Emblem, Xenoblade and Monster Hunter ported to the Nintendo Switch.


More color options


Nintendo is known for offering various styles and colors to their consoles and I am hoping that they’d release more color options for the Switch in the future.

At the moment,  you can only get it in gray and black, and a gray console with red and blue Joycon (controllers). I would love to see it in white or pink or yellow.


nintendo switch


I believe that the Nintendo Switch is an industry game changer. It’s different and I am sure it’s a fun console to play.

But not today baby…not today.

Til next 🙂

12 thoughts on “Nintendo Switch: Reasons why I’m not getting one

  1. I am wondering too. Kids had been talking about that, and I know ex-wife is getting them one last Sunday. So pretty soon, I will be hearing about it. Not that I am into gaming myself, but I do have to pick up a thing or two about the Switch so I could communicate with the little ones!

  2. Looks very nice and nifty. But I am not into these games, and I do not want the kids to be too addicted to them. They already have enough distractions with their other gadgets.

  3. I just wanted to play the Pokemon game series from Nintendo GB to 3DS. If they shift the Pokemon game series to this console then there’s reason for me to buy.

  4. I’m not the biggest gamer but recently I’ve been bugging my husband to get me a Nintendo. I just feel like they’d have more games I would actually be interested in.

  5. I was always keen to buy one such gaming device for my kiddo but more often have been reading that its better to limit kid’s screen time to an hour a day so have been stalling the purchase 😀 But I guess I’d be buying it for me. I remember as a kid, I used to love playing a game called Donkey Kong on a nintendo device. And you’re right about the price factor. Better to wait till the prices drop and the device is better loaded with more…

  6. It does look cool! The promo video in indeed awesome! However I’ve never been a gaming person. At most, I’ve downloaded some and played on my android, that’s it! So, may not be for me!!!

  7. The pink is to die for! I mean for girls but as you said, it is expensive.

  8. Easy answer is no. My brother bought one last Sunday and though I absolutely love playing on it, there are a lot of worries and frustrations I have as well. First is the fact that there are not enough games to keep me interested in it. Sure, Zelda takes a really long time to be finished, but some people play really fast and once they’re done with that, they’ll have to wait at least a month and a half for the next good one which is Mario Kart 8 deluxe I think. Next is I feel like Nintendo(or our local distributors at the very least) forces customers to buy it as a bundle instead of separately which really jacked up the price really high. Lastly are some hardware faults here and there which can be a really big pain. I myself experienced brief disconnections on the left Joy con while playing which is a huge concern. I also find Zelda to run less than optimal while docked vs handheld mode which made me worry the Switch’s performance in the future. With all said and done, I really want it to succeed not just because we already invested in it, but because I can see that it has such a huge potential as a gaming console.

    1. Agree to this, and I advise people not to buy products on launch day, wait at least a couple of months or a year.

  9. Wow, 56K is steep! There’s a lot of buzz going on for 80’s-90’s gadgets nowadays. I think people miss when life was so much simpler. I mean — Nintendo, Nokia 3310, etc. and Super Mario! I think there’s something in our system that’s trying to resist how fast technology is taking us.

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