Scion Virtual Reality Headset Review

I was scrolling through my facebook wall when I saw a sponsored ad from Kimstore. It’s a VR headset and it’s dirt cheap like P400 so I thought, K why not? I received the VR headset 4 days after placing my order online and here’s what I think.


  • Fits 3.5-5.6″ devices so it’s suitable for almost all kinds of smart phones
  • Adjustable head strap that gently wraps around your head
  • Soft leatherette cushion
  • Rotating knobs to adjust viewing distance for viewing comfort
  • Adjustable wedge in middle of the headset to adjust for blurriness and focus

What comes in the box?

VR glasses, user manual, cleaning cloth, some promotional brochures, and 2 mini pads.

credits to Kimstore

Setting up the VR headset is fairly easy, just flick the cover open, fit your smartphone in snug and tight. Close. Easy as.


Use the 2 knobs on each side to adjust the viewing distance and the middle knob to prevent double vision.



I was worried at first because I have severe astigmatism so I am almost blind without my glasses.


I realized I won’t need my glasses while wearing the headset and I just need to adjust the knobs and the wedge in the middle for better viewing experience. It’s also super lightweight and I didn’t feel any strain while wearing it.


Watching Virtual Reality Videos


Scion’s VR headset is compatible to Google Cardboard so it works with the thousands of Google Cardboard apps. You can watch any videos in Youtube in VR mode and to activate the setting, just launch the Youtube app, tap the three-dot icon in the upper-right corner of the screen and tap Cardboard.



For more immersive Virtual Reality videos, just type in #360video into Youtube app’s search bar.


Virtual Reality Games and apps


I have a strange obsession of scaring the shit out of myself so I’ve downloaded a bunch of VR horror games in my smartphone to test it out with Scion’s VR headset.



Predictable but still a pretty good app. Show it to a friend who gets scared easily.




It’s like 11:57 where you just sit, look around and wait for shit to happen.

Chair in a room


One of the best Android VR apps out there. A must try.



For starters, this is a pretty good device for a cheap price.  It’s easy to set up, lightweight and comfortable to use. However, I just find it annoying that I have to take my phone out every time I have to switch to an app or go to the menu but overall, I am pretty satisfied with it.


If you’re looking to buy a cheap VR headset, I recommend to check this one out.

Til next 🙂

13 thoughts on “Scion Virtual Reality Headset Review

  1. I haven’t tried any virtual reality headset or games. The price seems very affordable. What I would like to see is the Microsoft Hololens. It’s extremely expensive but it sure looks super cool.

    1. I agree! Virtual Reality is still at it’s infancy so it’s not actually worth investing in an expensive VR headset at this stage. But still the experience is pretty cool.

    1. Most of the time I prefer to pay cash upon delivery on because yes it’s safer! 🙂

  2. I am not too comfortable with virtual reality headsets as the images I see in them make me dizzy. This really adds a different dimensions to a museum exhibit about Leonardo da Vinci I saw in Milan recently, but I cannot wear it too long.

    1. Sorry to hear that Fred! I have really bad eyes and I would feel dizzy if I wear the VR headset for a long time.

  3. I’d love to experience VR playing a game or watching a movie with it. Heard the feeling is amazing. And I like the fact is pocket friendly that could easily go a long way in attracting people to explore their talents with it.

  4. That’s really affordable! Who would have thought! I think this is an awesome product and it’s really worth the price. Good to know you’ve had a lot of fun using it.

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