Taeyeon Inspired Pink Hair

I was adding pins to my Pinterest boards the other night when I stumbled upon photos of SNSD’s Kim Taeyeon. Needless to say, I instantly fell in love with her pink hair.

Taeyeon is the leader of SNSD also known as Girls’ Generation and regarded as the most popular girl group in Asia.

So this post is a tutorial on how I achieved Taeyeon’s pink hair at home without breaking the bank (yay)!

Let’s begin.

If you’re new to hair bleaching, please read this post first!

Gather your supplies

☠ Hair bleaching powder

☠ Oxidizing lotion aka Developer

☠ Hair Toner

☠ Bremod Color Conditioner in Red or any pink hair dye

☠ Plastic mixing bowl, tinting brush, disposable shower cap, and gloves

☠ Keratin conditioner


Taeyeon Pink Hair


I got a tub of bleaching powder for P200 pesos from a hair salon near our place. I would recommend buying a tub because you’ll definitely need more and it’s more cost effective. You can get individual use packets at HBC which costs P90 each but like what I said, you’ll end up using more bleach especially if you have longer hair.


The developer/oxidizing lotion comes in 10, 20, 30 or 40 volume. I wouldn’t recommend getting 40 volume because it will straight fuck up your hair. 30 volume is OK for bleaching and use 10 volume for the toner. A bottle of developer costs P35 at HBC, the bigger bottle costs P180.


The hair toner I used is Wella T18 Lightest Ash Blonde and a bottle costs P500-P600.


For the pink hair dye, what I used is Bremod’s Color Conditioner in Red and I got it for P250 (what a steal!). You can also try Manic Panic’s Cotton Candy Pink (P750) or Ion Collor Brilliance in Rose (P550).


Taeyeon Pink Hair


Brutal Bleaching Process

I am no Hair Professional and I’ve spent hours watching tutorial videos on Youtube and reading articles about DIY home bleaching and coloring, so I highly suggest you do the same! Also, have someone help you throughout this process.

  1. Mix one part of the bleaching powder to 2 parts of the developer. Go psycho until you get a thick, creamy consistency.
  2. Section your hair so the mixture will be easier to apply. Taking down each section one by one starting at the back to the front of your head leaving an inch to closest to the roots. Make sure that the mixture is evenly distributed on your hair.
  3. Cover your hair with the plastic cap and leave it on for 30-40 minutes.
  4. Rinse with cold water and dry the hair out. Do not shampoo or apply conditioner.

If you have black or dark brown hair and this is your first time bleaching it, you may need to repeat the process two or three more times to achieve pale yellow hair. The lighter the better. You can’t double process your hair the same day so you will have to wait out and bleach it again next day.


Toning (You’re halfway done!)

After bleaching your hair, a hair toner is applied to cancel out the orange, yellow, yellow-orange tones. Your hair needs to be at least on level 10 (Pale Yellow)  for the toner to work.


Taeyeon Pink Hair


  1. Mix the hair toner with the oxidizing lotion. Use a ratio of 2:1 – two equal parts of oxidizing lotion to one bottle of toner. I have shoulder length hair so 1 bottle is enough. You may need 2 bottles if you have longer hair.
  2. Apply the toner to your hair in sections and make sure not to leave a spot. You’ll feel a burning sensation in your scalp but suck it up.  
  3. Once you’ve applied the toner thoroughly to your hair, let it settle and check every few minutes. It’s probably best to leave the toner on for 30  minutes especially if you’re trying to neutralize orangey-yellow hair. I already have pretty light hair so I only leave it at max 10 minutes because if I leave it on longer, my hair will turn out purple/grayish.
  4. Rinse it out and use Keratin. Leave the Keratin on for 10-15 minutes.


Hair Toning using Purple Shampoo

Purple Shampoo is a cheaper alternative to neutralize the brassiness caused by hair bleaching. I bought a purple shampoo online for P400 from this online store. Use it like a normal shampoo but don’t leave it for too long as it will also make your hair purple/grayish.


Color me Pink!

  1. After the bleaching and the toning process, your hair should look like this.Taeyeon Pink Hair
  2. Get ample amount of Bremod Color Conditioner or the pink hair dye, apply all over your hair or if you prefer an ombré look, section your hair and apply the hair dye at the ends.
  3. Rinse out, apply conditioner or Keratin, leave it on for 5-10 minutes. Dry your hair out and voila! you’re done.


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So that’s it! if you like this tutorial, feel free to share it to your friends or leave me a comment below.

Til Next 🙂

18 thoughts on “Taeyeon Inspired Pink Hair

  1. Wow, I like how you convey your thoughts toward the product you’ve used. You look even more prettier for having that kind of hair color. I haven’t seen any pink hair color yet, I didn’t know it looks good.

  2. Nice attempt on the hair! It’s not easy and I usually won’t encourage people to do extreme bleaching DIY as it will make our hair really brittle if it’s not well protected and conditioned!

  3. I wish I’m brave enough to color my hair that light. Lol. I love the color though, but I guess it fits best to those who have light skin.

  4. I think it is dangerous to try this on yourself if you have not done it before. Your hair might suffered irreparable damage.

  5. I have one colleague who dyed her hair pink. It looks cool on her. Somehow, I don’t dare to do this!!

  6. Oh my god! You’re so daring!
    I always want to try this but I don’t have the courage. Your result turns out very nice.
    I feel I want to try this, maybe next time.

  7. Bleaching is a little scary for me because of the amount of chemicals that your hair will go through and mine is completely black. I still admire women who do it though! This turned out beautifully, I like the pink streaks on the tips of your hair!

  8. It’s been two years since I wanted to dye my hair into blue but I always failed because I don’t bleach my hair (bc im afraid of the damages) and I’ve been looking for this kind of blog post for so long and thanks to you! haha btw do you have any idea where can you also buy a bleaching powder (except for the salon near your area)? hihi

  9. Wow you hair, it really suits your skin tone and its great to share the process with everyone. My mum is a hairdresser and I always hear her recommending purple shampoos for de-brassing the hair. I can’t wait to see what colour you will go next.

  10. Wow! I’ve always wanted to have a bright pink hair or maybe violet but I can’t! A lot people warned me about hair damage and even hair loss. Your new hair colour looks good! How do you maintain it now?

  11. HAHA, you are bang on with not getting 40 volume… 20 is pretty safe and even 30. When I moved to the UK from the US I was shocked that the drug store bleach is often 40, I though oh no, I used it anyway and it’s taken months to grow out my burn’t hair, And I knew better but it was my only choice at the time, I even glossed my hair before I put the bleach on and only put it on for 10 minutes as I was doing touch ups, Never buy it 🙂

  12. Honestly, love the pink hair. It does not look so natural but it has a certain appeal that truly magnets the attention and make you think if such color is also suitable on you. Youre such brave soul to have tried it.

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