How working from home made my life so much better

Fancy working from home in your PJs on your bed while TV is on? Because why not?!

No more commuting, thank heavens!


It used to take me 3 hours just to get to the office and another 3 hours to travel back home. That’s 6 hours wasted! Those 6 hours I could have put into more productive activity (like sleeping). Traffic in Manila is horrendous and riding the MRT is like going through hell and back, for lack of better terms.


 Literally, me when getting off an MRT station

More fambam time


As a mom of 3 kids, I feel awful whenever I leave them to the babysitter. But poor mama got no choice, ain’t I? Now I am able to be with them 24/7 and check on them anytime. Like literally.


Working from home
 Never miss precious moments for a photo op

I stopped living paycheck to paycheck


I was earning an average of P20,000 ($400USD) with my previous office jobs and we were struggling to make ends meet. Since I no longer pay for commute, clothes, and child care, I am now able to save up money and invest whatever extra I have.


working from home

I’m earning more


I am able to take extra jobs and work extra hours which means more money for us 🙂


working from home

No BS work 


No office drama, walang tsismisan trabaho lang.


Working from home

I get more shit done and I learn new skills


When I was an office worker, I always worry about a lot of things. How my kids were doing, the horrible traffic, my annoying boss, overdue bills etc. At the end of the day, I question myself if I actually accomplished anything. Since I no longer worry that much now, I am able to give 100% of my attention to my work and I am sooo much more productive.

I am less stressed, happier and healthier


The level of anxiety and anger that I have towards the world and it’s citizens have slightly decreased since I started working from home.


Working from home


Working remotely isn’t all it’s cracked up to be however I don’t think I’d go back to work at a traditional office set up any time soon.

Til next 😛

16 thoughts on “How working from home made my life so much better

  1. I seldom enjoy commuting as well when I used to work. I agree that once youre home, you tend to be more productive and earn alot as your earnings will solely be allotted for your needs and not anymore on transpo, food allowance etc. and because you do noy have a 8-5 work, you will definitely work hard to earn as much as youre taking home. Them you will just be surprised to find out you could actually earn more.

    1. That’s what people love about working from home. Consider someone who works online. Since you will have to pay for internet at home anyway, that does not come out as expense for the career/online business. Yes, no more transportation fees, but more important, the time saved from travel.

  2. It really is a choice and you made a choice that has resulted in you being far happier than ever. Unfortunately not everyone has the same choice you had. Here’s the thing though, there is a reason why we use the word, choice. Some choose to go for better, like you. Others choose to remain as is where is.

  3. So great for you that freelancing worked out! Honestly, it did not work for me. I tried it twice haha. It was hard for days when you have no output, so you have no pay. Sometimes it also breeds FOMO. But I have a friend who’s like you, it’s working for her, so I hope you’ll succeed even more! 🙂

  4. I totally agree to this. I’m happier now that I work from home. No more hellish traffic and commute. No more waste of time. I also get to accomplish more in blogging.

  5. This is great! So happy for you. I used to commute everyday until I moved to an apartment near my work so now I just walk. I love my office job atm but maybe in the future I work remotely and travel while working too!! ☺☺☺

  6. totally agree.and I learned to be more discipline as well. I work remotely which by the way almost the same as work at home, only that I can work everywhere as long as there is wifi or internet connection. I also agree with you with that commuting thing, 3 hours sucks! and I did that during my early years in the corporate work, where I kept asking myself, is this what I really want to do?, yet, I didn’t know that there’s a thing called “remote work” yay!

  7. Excellent post. Reminds me of some series I wrote for my blog like six years ago when I decided to work from home. I work anywhere I want to, actually. Not just from home now, but in coworking spaces, in a cafe, or wherever I feel I want to. I’ve been able to manage the kids while doing it, too. Because when we are able to work in freedom, we actually become better individuals, I think.

  8. You’re so lucky to be working at home. It has a lot of pros no? Especially about the traffic. Traffic these days are so horrendous so I am glad you can have more time with your family. 🙂 I also wanted to have a work wherein my location won’t matter but I guess being in the IT industry, it will be really hard unless I freelance.

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  9. I work from home too! Some of my friends envy this type of job because of the less hassle commute. The only con for me is that my social life is limited haha and I don’t get to attend anything a company does. But hey at least we can go and work anywhere we want to 🙂

  10. Working from home is great! You made an excellent list. You earn more plus you don’t waste your precious time. That’s what i call win-win 🙂

  11. I’m looking forward to this lifestyle! Someday I want to transition from an office job to a home-based job. The reasons you cited are so legit true, traffic alone is a big factor for choosing to work at home. XD

  12. I love working from home, also. I’ve been working from home and freelancing for almost 10 years now. It’s one of the best decisions I have made in my life. 🙂 Through this kind of work, I am able to live a balanced life. I am able to live out my priorities more. Congratulations! I rejoice with you. 🙂

  13. That time you used commuting is insane! I felt bad driving 2 hours a day with my previous job but 6 hours would be impossible for me. Luckily nowadays I only drive 10 minutes a day to work and back. 🙂 I’m happy for you! It seems like everything in your life is better now when you work from home. It would be a dream come true to work (at least partly) from home.

  14. Working at home has been the best decision I’ve made. I can’t imagine going back to working in an office. I DON’T miss the commute and office gossip. I’m busier than when I was working in an office but I’m definitely happier. I do earn more but having 3 kids that doesn’t really equate to having extras. It is freeing though to have a hold of your hours.

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